Phantom Lake

Last week I was lucky enough to be a part
of the most amazing trip to Phantom Lake!
Zanita, Kristina, James and Vanessa and me on this 
amazing adventure...
Heading to Harbour Air for take off!
The incredible view from the plane...I was born and 
raised in Canada, but I have never seen views like this!
First view of the crystal clear, turquoise 
coloured lake
One of my favourite shots of Zanita! 
(Thank you to Secret Location for our 
personalized blankets!)
Executive Chef of Secret Location, Jefferson Alvarez
serves breakfast (along with mimosa's of course!)
Fresh fruit on a private lake? Absolute Heaven!
Chatting with Kristina
Vanessa made a great call before we headed on the 
plane, S'mores! 
Wearing Billabong Dress|Prada Bag|
Vanrycke Necklace|Zara Flats|
Thierry Lasry Shades

This day was like a dream...
A huge thank you to Carey and Secret Location 
for the opportunity, 
Let's do this every Friday!!


~Have a happy weekend~


{Photography by Ed Ng}


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